Energize your rotating machines for non-stop
performance with the insulating power of Vidyut

Hi-performance Adhesive Tape

Tacktherm as the name suggests is single or both sided  pressure sensitive adhesive coated. Tape using textile woven, non woven fabric, insulating film and insulating paper. It is coated with high performance adhesives  like rubber, silicon and acrylic.

The tapes are available with or without liner and has good mechanical, electrical and adhesion properties and shows excellent resistance to solvent.

Tacktherm is free from any coating irregularities. During unwinding of tape it shows no transfer of adhesive and tearing of the coating substract.


It  used in electrical motors, transformers, coil winding, arc furnace, splicing, traction motor, masking and also in electronics equipment upto class ‘H’ insulation.


1. Insulating Paper-Nomex Aramid
2. Woven Fabric-Cotton, Polyster, SilkFibreGlass , Ptfe Fibre Glass
3. Non Woven Fabric-Polyester
4. Insulating Film-Polyester, Kapton Polyimide, Corona Resistant Polyimide, Fep, Ptfe

Test Method



0.035 mm onwards


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