Energize your rotating machines for non-stop
performance with the insulating power of Vidyut

Fully Cured Tapes and Foils

Vid Flexitherm are soft, flexible, fully cured insulating tape and fabrics available with and without liner in straight cut and bias cut with neat edges.They are produced by using various textile substracts of specially treated glass fibre, glass polyester, polyester, non-woven, mats and insulating paper which are  impregnated or coated on single or both sides with specially formulated thermosetting insulating impregnants for application upto class C insulation.

It’s surface is uniform, smooth and free from defect such as bubbles, pinholes, creases, flaws and voids.


Vid Flexitherm are used in end winding of electrical rotating machines, high voltage machines, transformers, voice  coils, hydro and turbo generators, A/C machines, D/C Traction machine and cables due to its various unique properties.

Test Methods



0.085 mm onwards


Class B: Alkyd
Class C: Polyimide
Class F: Epoxy, Isothelic, Polyurethane
Class H: Polyester, Silicon, Silicon Elastomer.



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