Energize your rotating machines for non-stop
performance with the insulating power of Vidyut

Insulating Fiber Glass Sleeve

Vidflex is  closely braided of E-Class glass fiber yarn having continuous  filament impregnated  with  acrylic polyurethane and fire retardant silicon elastomer in continuous form using latest coating technology. The surface of the sleevings are smooth, uniform in appearance, free from blisters and internal and external irregularities with no harmful substance. It has excellent flexibility and durability with high abrasion resistance. It’s high mechanical strength provide a good resistance against ozone, ultraviolet radiation and humidity. Vidflex sleeves are compatible with major impregnating varnish. Vidflex is available in class ‘F’ and ‘H’ insulation in all colours.


The mechanical toughness and wall thickness makes it particularly suitable for electrical insulation of electric LT/HT motor, transformers and apparatus in rotating machines for winding lead out and joint insulation and also give mechanical protection in measuring devices, communication equipments and apparatus, wire  harness  terminal box, electrical lamps, vehicles, home appliances and others.

BDV  upto 15 Kv

Flame Retardant  ULVW-1

Test Method



0.5 mm to 45 mm

Wall Thickness

Upto 1.20 mm 

Packing  in spools.



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