Energize your rotating machines for non-stop
performance with the insulating power of Vidyut

Mica Tape and Sheet

Vidmica tapes and  foils  are laminated with calcined, uncalcined muscovite, phlogophite or aramid mica paper and impregnated with Bisphenol  Novolec Epoxy resin and silicon varnish  with various reinforcements on single side or both sides  of mica paper.

Vidmica tapes are B stage and fully cured, soft, flexible, voids and wrinkle free with high thermal, mechanical and electrical properties.

Vidmicatherm tape has a high resin content suitable for resin rich technology and Vidmicapor tape has low resin content mica tape with and without Zinc Napthanate for VPI application.

Vidmica tapes  can be used upto class C insulation.


Vidmica tapes and foils finds application for insulation of bars and coils of hydro turbo generators, fire resistance cables, flexible leads conductor insulation, large electrical motors, low and high voltage machine, traction motors and other rotating machine working upto highest voltage levels  using Resin Rich  and VPI  technology.

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0.08 mm  onwards

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