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Rigid Laminates and Components

Lamitherm is a hot pressed rigid sheet made by layers of reinforcement medium having suitable silane content  of E-class neatly woven fibre glass insulation fabric woven rovings and CS-Mat with suitable resin which act as a bonding agent. Lamitherm also covers magnetic conductive sheet having high magnetic conductivity which is produced using B-Stage glass fibre fabric bonded together with a suitable resin with high iron content.

The surface of the Lamitherm  is even, smooth, wrinkle free from loose  fibre, local deformation, delamination and ducts.

Lamitherm possesses good electrical and excellent mechanical properties  under both dry and humid condition and can be used upto class ‘H’ insulation. Lamitherm can be supplied in form of sheet, components and wedges  which are machined on sophisticated equipments.


Lamitherm  has versatile application in liner, slot wedge insulation, insulating structural parts of switch gears, rotor insulation of rotating machine and transmission and distribution equipments.


GPO, Nema G-10/11/Epgc203/UL

Test Method



0.10 mm onwards


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