Energize your rotating machines for non-stop
performance with the insulating power of Vidyut

Product & Services

Products of innovation to make life better and safer for the electrical machineries - reflect in the smarter technological usage of our global customers.

Since the inception, quality and excellence in the product and service standard have been the pulse of Vidyut Impex. The morsel of idea of yesteryears to manufacture electrical insulation materials; simply to bolster the power of the machines has now become the shrub of innovations with a deep portfolio of insulation components and systems, speaks to the lasting nicety of the varied industries we helped to live a safer and better lives of their automations.

Vidyut Impex is dedicated to improve and maintain your machines health, efficiency, and productivity in generating power and automation to control your product and service solutions. Our technically sound products are designed in up to Class C for global impregnation system, enabling you to access the particular levels of expertise to keep your processes at optimum state; anywhere, anytime you need. Vidyut Impex helps keep your most precious assets energized and safe at the work and during any emergency. As per the deep history of the company, for over decades Vidyut Impex has designed, built, installed and tuned the electrical insulation compounds and devices that kept industrial operations seamlessly powered and productive. During this span of time we have earned the quality standard for our products approved by major OEM specifications, NEMA, BS, IS, etc.



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