Energize your rotating machines for non-stop
performance with the insulating power of Vidyut

Anticorona Tape/Conductive Tape

VID Anticor Conductive Tapes are the Electrical Insulation Corona Resistant Tapes, categorized in the class F insulation for VPI and Resin Rich Technology. The diffusion of current and insulation revitalize the life of machines, and is flexible, smooth, wrinkle free with neat edges and fully cured, which are its primary features. It is produced, using specially made heat-resistant varnish with graphite and carbon particles. During the process, the conductive varnish is saturated on both the sides of the woven and non woven textile substrates and insulating papers. There is no contamination due to seepage of conductive particles in the saturating tank during the VPI – Process. By the diffusion of corona current generated in the coil, its lower and uniform resistance buoys up the life of the high voltage electrical machines.

Coating subtraction

  • Non woven polyester fleece
  • Polyester glass fabrics
  • Glass fabrics
  • Polyester fabrics
  • Nomex aramid insulating paper

Applications & Advantages

  • In Transformers, as the advantages of maximum leverage usage
  • As Inner and Outer Corona protection tape has the technical advantages, for Coils and Bars using VPI and Resin Rich Technology.
  • During the consolidation of the coils, the conductive particles do not get diffused with main slot insulation
  • It is highly resistant to the organic & inorganic solvents
  • It can be used up to class F(155°) insulation
  • It is compatible with epoxy anhydrade system
  • It is used as protection for slot position Coils and Bars of high voltage machine
  • Minimum surface resistance is of 40Ω per square, where the machine produces the best output


Roll:       Maximum width 1000 mm
Tapes:   20 mm and above
Length:  50 mts.
Core:     It cover a range of both manual and machine processing

Test Methods

  • ASTM
  • BIS
  • BS
  • IEC
  • ISO

Surface Resistance

40 – 1 x 10 ^ 6 ohms


0.08 mm and above

Health & Safety

  • Though, the tapes are non-toxic, still, we advocate for good hygiene practice without any compromise. This includes, hand washing, use of barrier and cleansing, and use of cleansing cream.
  • Storage shelf life at 20°c ± 5°c = 6 months
    Storage shelf life at 5°c = 12 months
  • Storage condition: Conductive tape products should be stored in cool, clean, and dry conditions in the original packing.


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