Energize your rotating machines for non-stop
performance with the insulating power of Vidyut

Insulating Spiral Tubing

Vidspi is spiral wound tubes noted for high dielectrical strength and light weight. 

It is a soft, flexible uniformly lapped wrinkle free product with thin walls and high thermal conductivity having  uniform inside diameter and wall thickness tolerance.

Vidspi Spiral tubes are made from a wide variety of papers, films, foils, nonwovens and other flexible combinations.

Vpi KN  is a chemically impregnated polyamide nonwoven spiral tube, covered  with layers of Kapton polyimide silicone adhesive tape suitable for sharp and critical bendings in electrical  coils of rotating machine.

The non woven mat absorbs the impregnated  resin which gives uniform protective covering.


Vidspi is used   upto class C insulation of electrical and thermal insulation of motors, transformers, appliances and high performance application.  

Vidspi KN is used for insulation of lead wires in traction machines.

Test Method



5 mm Onwards


500 mm and 1000 mm



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